Nathan Haude, owner and operator of Haude Tutoring, has developed resources that can be used in a classroom, homeschool, or many other settings to achieve excellence in the field of mathematics.  To learn more, please use the links below.

    Haude Tutoring has options throughout the year for in-home tutoring in the Spring/Woodlands/Cypress area and vicinity, including daytime and late-evening hours and weekends.  To learn more, please use the links below.

Instructional Materials and Resources

HAUDE TUTORING        (281) 528-9481

Educational Services and Materials

  • Haude Tutoring has implemented a new, more flexible framework (including weekend options) for scheduling tutoring sessions to replace the previous method of having a fixed day and time weekly.  For more information, please follow this link

  • Haude Tutoring prefers in-person sessions, but a Skype option is also available with a different hourly rate.  Please contact Haude Tutoring if you are interested in the online Skype option.

In-Home Tutoring Services