Benefits of Haude Math Review

    To learn more about the Haude Math Review program, please contact Haude Tutoring to discuss your particular goals and objectives.  With kit options starting under $50, Haude Math Review is a great investment!  Local pickup and shipping options are available. 

    To view the Haude Math Review brochure, follow this link.  Thank you for your interest.

    Haude Math Review is a great way to engage students in the acquisition and review of mathematics content ranging from second grade to College Algebra.  Questions are generally based on vocabulary and concept understanding, including problem solving.  With a variety of customization options, Haude Math Review is well-suited for use by families, after-school programs, daycare centers, and educational institutions.  The photo to the right is of a game kit for up to four participants, but kits for larger groups are available, as well.

Institution Kit (up to 16 participants)

Haude Math Review Components

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Game Overview

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Educational Services and Materials

Listed below are just some of the benefits of the Haude Math Review program:

  • Combines content practice and review with an alternative to traditional worksheets to engage participants
  • ​Contents for up to 16 participants fit in a single box
  • Durable materials that can be reused from topic to topic, grade to grade
  • Core kit can be used with all topics (just change out the question sets) versus purchasing an entire kit for each topic or grade level
  • Customizable question set content
  • Easy to implement and minimal preparation time (directions are on the back of the game board)
  • Family Kit (2 to 4 participants)
    • ​1 Game Board
    • 1 White Board with Eraser
    • 1 Set of 4 Dry-Erase Markers
    • 1 Number Cube
    • 4 Game Pieces
    • 1 Envelope with 10 Score Sheets (scoring is optional)
    • 1 Box with Question Set (customer's choice, 20 cards for each of four areas, total of 80 cards)
    • 1 Plastic Container for Game Pieces
    • 1 Storage Box for Kit
  • ​Institution Kit (up to 16 participants, based on groups of 4)
    • ​4 Game Boards
    • ​4 White Boards with Erasers
    • 4 Sets of 4 Dry-Erase Markers
    • 4 Number Cubes
    • 16 Game Pieces
    • 4 Envelopes with 10 Score Sheets Each
    • 4 Plastic Containers with Question Sets
    • 4 Plastic Containers for Game Pieces
    • 1 Storage Box for Kit
  • ​Other Options
    • ​Kit quantities and configurations can be adjusted to fit specific needs and applications.  Please contact Haude Tutoring to discuss your goals and objectives.