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    The Letter of the Day program involves the use of individual letters of the alphabet as vocabulary cues to particular vocabulary words or concepts at the focus of the current lesson.  While this is the primary use of the Letter of the Day program, it can also be used as an enrichment activity to discover the spectrum of vocabulary students have acquired as a whole as well as to explore the meaning, spelling, and application of new words.  This application can be in the educator's particular content area, cross-curricular, or a hybrid application.

Listed below are just some of the benefits of using the Letter of the Day:

  • increased student engagement in the learning process

  • greater retention of vocabulary and related concepts

  • opportunity for enrichment, both in a specific content area and more broadly across different subjects

  • gauge prior knowledge of students quickly to adjust lesson pace and structure accordingly

Upon completion of the training, educators will be provided with the following and more:

  • set of letters to use in his or her classroom to begin implementation of the program right away

  • sample warm-up activities and more to accompany the use of the Letter of the Day in the classroom

  • opportunity to brainstorm and collaborate about applications of the program across various subjects and grade levels

  • suggestions and approaches to take to implement the Letter of the Day strategies to assist ELLs

Benefits of the Letter of the Day

Letter of the Day

Letter of the Day Overview

    Whether in mathematics or ELA, history or physics, core or elective classes, comprehension and application of vocabulary is crucial.  Mr. Haude of Haude Tutoring has developed a method of vocabulary acquisition and expansion to engage students in the learning process.  Blending visual cues, student curiosity, and curriculum standards, the Letter of the Day vocabulary method engages students and educators together on a learning journey.  

What do participants gain from their participation?