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Educational Services and Materials

    The setup for the online sessions has been created in such a way as to balance the technical aspects with human interaction.  Through the use of document cameras, the written work and illustrations done in the session can be viewed through the ceiling projector.  This is set up in such a way that Mr. Haude is simultaneously visible.  The photos shown here are of the overall setup.  The camera used to live stream sessions through Skype is position so that the screen image and Mr. Haude fill the viewing window.

    Two document cameras are utilized to maximize the benefit of the online experience.   One of the cameras is used to show steps and calculations, including the use of manipulatives and other tools.  The other camera is dedicated to showing a graphing calculator screen if applicable to the client's course and assignment.  These cameras are connected to a high-definition projection system that can also be used to show PowerPoint presentations, formula charts, and other media, if needed.  All of this can be used in a single session by changing the background video feeds.  Regardless of what is being shown, Mr. Haude will still be visible in the presentation.

Session Environment Setup

    Haude Tutoring is proud to announce the addition of online services as an additional option to in-home sessions.  Sessions will be conducted by Nathan Haude, owner and operator of Haude Tutoring, using Skype.  Skype was chosen as the delivery means because of the wide range of platforms and devices with which it can be used.  For more information about the Skype platform and how it works, please visit the Skype website.      As with in-home sessions, online sessions will be conducted at a set day and time, the scheduling of which will be done on a client-by-client basis.  A wide range of days and times, including outside of traditional hours, are available.  The client will need to download Skype to the camera-equipped device that will be used.  Once logged in, the client answers the call from Mr. Haude when it comes in to begin the session.  More details, including device requirements, can be found on the Skype website.

Online Tutoring Sessions

To learn more about online and other services offered by Haude Tutoring, please use the links from the home page.  Thank you for your interest.