Positive Rapport: Communication with Parents and Guardians

Listed below are just some of the benefits of using the Positive Rapport program:

  • create a sense of community and teamwork by conveying to parents and guardians that they and educators can work as a team to foster student success

  • increase the likelihood that, should an academic or behavioral concern arise in the classroom, the parents/guardians will be more receptive to learning about the concern and addressing it accordingly

  • increased student participation in the learning process

    While teachers and other school personnel play a crucial role in the development of a student, it is of paramount importance to remember the significant roles parents and guardians have in the education of their children.  By promoting and fostering strong, positive, and lasting relations with parents and guardians, educators are playing a vital part in the success of their students now and in the future.

What do participants gain from their participation?

Communication Overview

    Although progress reports and "notes home" are ways to communicate with parents and guardians of students, the ways in which these are presented is crucial to enriching the relationship educators have with them.  There are many other tools that can be utilized that create a positive yet informative means of communication for not only parents and guardians but also for students themselves.  Through classroom procedures and tutoring consultations, Mr. Haude has discovered and implemented such methods with very positive and constructive results.

Benefits of the Positive Rapport Program

Upon completion of the training, educators will be provided with the following and more:

  • sample documents that can be used to communicate information, whether it be compliments, concerns, or both

  • resources to reward and reinforce positive behaviors and academic excellence

  • approaches to use to motivate and encourage parents/guardians that are less engaged in their student's educational activities to become more engaged

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