The Haude Tutoring business model is generally based on each client having a set day and time on a weekly basis, one-on-one in-home.  While there may be rare occasions under which a client needs to reschedule a session, Haude Tutoring highly encourages clients to consider extracurricular activities and other potential commitments before setting a day and time.

    In many cases, especially during the traditional school year, it is very difficult to make a change to the weekly schedule.  Haude Tutoring will attempt to reschedule clients and meet client needs, such as due to a school event or illness, but there are no guarantees as such changes are subject to availability.

    The schedule for the summer is a different schedule than the schedule during the traditional school year.  Haude Tutoring understands that the summer months are often used for vacations, family visits, etc., and there is some scheduling allowance for such events in the summer.‚Äč  For those looking for an "on-call" or "call when needed" tutor, Haude Tutoring does not offer such options at this time.

Program Options and Scheduling

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