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Educational Services and Materials

    Haude Tutoring offers consulting services for mathematics educators in a wide range of career stages, whether it be someone enrolled in an Alternative Certification Program (ACP), a first-year teacher, or a veteran teacher.  Since these consultations are one-on-one, they can be tailored to meet the needs and objectives of each individual educator.

    For those enrolled in an ACP and seeking assistance with content covered on the TExES (Texas Examinations for Educator Standards) Mathematics 4-8 (115) and Mathematics 7-12 (235) exams.  Whether someone who wants to "brush up" on content or someone who has not taken a mathematics class in over twenty years and entering the field of education as a career change, Haude Tutoring can review covered content and provide strategies and practice to assist with content mastery.

    For educators that already have a standard teaching certificate and would like suggestions for content delivery and other related activities, Haude Tutoring can utilize classroom and tutoring business experience to be of assistance.  With experience and feedback from parents, guardians, and students from a wide scope of grade levels and backgrounds, Haude Tutoring looks forward to working with you.

    For more information, please contact Haude Tutoring.  Thank you for your interest.

Programs for Educators and ACP Participants