Nathan Haude of Haude Tutoring has been actively engaged in the field of education since 2007, first teaching Algebra I then starting and operating Haude Tutoring:

  • Five years teaching Algebra I
    • ​diverse student population, including ESL, inclusion, and mainstream students
    • conducted supplemental tutorials outside of the regular school day to target TEKS and related content not mastered on administered assessments
    • taught courses during the school day specifically for students not meeting standards on the previous year's State mathematics assessment

  • Currently owner and operator of Haude Tutoring
    • ​clients range from second grade to College Algebra, including adults returning to school
    • ​incorporate vertical alignment in all grade levels to promote cumulative learning and progressive acquisition of concepts, building on prior knowledge
    • brief parents/guardians and develop custom action plans to address client needs and to achieve desired outcomes
    • plan lessons and supplements based on client performance and feedback from all persons involved
    • conduct skills assessments and develop plans to address opportunities for growth

Credentials and Qualifications

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Educational Services and Materials