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Scheduling Options

    Changes have been made as to how tutoring sessions are scheduled.  Sessions will no longer be scheduled at a set day and time weekly.  Instead, scheduling will be done on a week-to-week basis.  This will generally be done by Mr. Haude being in touch with clients over the weekend before the week in which a client would like to schedule a session.  At that time, available options can be discussed with a client to schedule a session for the following week.  Sessions will generally be conducted during the school week, but there may also be some weekend options available.

    With this added flexibility, Haude Tutoring anticipates little, if any, cancellation of sessions.  If a client cancels a session the same day it is scheduled to take place, a cancellation fee may be required to be paid before any other sessions are scheduled.  In addition, repeated or habitual rescheduling or cancellation of scheduled sessions by a client may result in Haude Tutoring being unable to schedule future tutoring sessions.