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Q: What is Skype?

​A: Skype is a Microsoft product that Haude Tutoring uses to make video calls for online tutoring sessions.

Q: How does Haude Tutoring use Skype to conduct online tutoring sessions?

A: At the scheduled session start time, Mr. Haude will initiate a video call to the student using Skype.  Since each Skype account has a unique live ID, a student can be found in the Skype directory and called by searching for their Skype live ID.

Q: What if the student does not have a Skype account?

A: A Skype account can be created for free in minutes by visiting skype.com and following the setup instructions.  While there are paid subscriptions and add-ons available for Skype, a free account will be all that is needed to complete sessions with Haude Tutoring.

Q: Which devices and operating systems can Skype be used with?

A: Skype is compatible with many types of devices and operating systems.  For more details and to see if your device and operating system is compatible, please visit the Skype website.  While a camera and microphone are essential, some setups can have benefits compared to others.  The Haude Tutoring Skype Tips page provides more information about this.

Q: Are there any other equipment requirements for using Skype?

A: A stable, high-quality Internet connection is required in order for the video call to be an effective, two-way means of communication.  On a given network, a wired connection is generally faster than a wireless one, but either type can be used.  To read more about establishing and maintaining a stable connection, please visit the Haude Tutoring Skype tips page.

Q: I have FaceTime or another app I use for video calls.  Can I use it instead of Skype for sessions with Haude Tutoring?

A: In order to establish a consistent experience for all clients, Haude Tutoring only uses Skype to conduct online tutoring sessions.

Q: How will I be able to work on my assignments if I cannot show them to Mr. Haude?

A: There are a few options that a client can use to share assignments and other related documents with Haude Tutoring.  Online assignments can be shown during the session by sharing the screen during a session.  Skype's website has details about how screen sharing can be done.  There are also ways that printouts of online assignments or other paper assignments can be sent to Haude Tutoring to use during the session.  More information about these submission methods can be found on the Haude Tutoring Skype Tips page.

Skype Sessions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)