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    Skype's official page has information about downloading, setting up an account, and much more.  Haude Tutoring has also created a Skype FAQ to assist clients.  Based on prior experience, Haude Tutoring would like to offer the following tips and suggestions to optimize the online experience:

  • Log in ten minutes before the scheduled session start time.  This ensures that the network connection being used is established and also allows time for the client to load sites that might contain assignments that will be shared using screen sharing during the session.

  • In order to minimize potential video issues such as lagging or freezing, set up the online connection so that it can be as fast as possible.  In doing so, consider the following:
    • ​Connections that are wired (with an Ethernet cable) will generally be faster and more stable than wireless connections.
    • When a wireless connection is used, use of the network by additional connections can reduce speeds.  This is similar to a truck taking more time to accelerate when loaded than when empty.  If network speeds are slow, consider reducing use of the network during sessions, particularly activities such as streaming and online gaming that use more bandwidth.
    • The farther a device is away from the router, the weaker the signal will be.  When using a wireless connection, setting up closer to the router is better.

  • If assignments will be sent to Haude Tutoring as image files, take and send the photos using the largest-size file format possible.  This increases the resolution and will make it easier to see the assignment problems and associated figures.  Please send them to nhaude@haudetutoring.com at least one full day before the scheduled session date and time.

  • If assignments will be sent to Haude Tutoring as scanned files, please send these as Adobe PDF files.  They can be attached to an e-mail and sent to nhaude@haudetutoring.com.  Please send any correspondence at least one full day before the scheduled session date and time.

  • Paper assignments and any other class-related documents can also be sent to Haude Tutoring by faxing them to (866) 687-8113.

  • Screen sharing is a great way for Mr. Haude to view online assignments to be worked through during a session.  If this method is used, please keep in mind the problems and any related figures need to be large enough to easily view during the session.

  • Active participation is a key component to benefiting from sessions with Haude Tutoring.  Any notes made during the session will be sent to the client either by e-mail or fax, based on client preference.

Online Session Tips and Suggestions